Sunday, 1 June 2014

Terence McKenna & Zuvuya - Dream Matrix Telemetry

Ever wondered what 'machine elves' are and how you can get in contact with them?  Then follow me into my psychedelic wigwam...

On this album, Terence McKenna, one of the great psychedelic explorers, reports back from inner space and relates some of his theories and discoveries after his many experimentations with DMT.  Ambient psychonauts Zuvuya accompany him with a morphing, organic, cosmic soundscape, and it's the perfect match for McKenna's stoned intonations, which dip in and out of proceedings like Mr Spock on acid.  He describes DMT hallucinations where the user is pushed through the centre of a chrysanthemum-like mandala and, on the other side, finds 'jewelled self-dribbling basketballs', or machine elves, as he later terms them.  These beings then begin to use a visible language, singing objects into existance, their words morphing into 'self-transforming sculptured jewelled machines'.  The whole thing is far out x10, truly mind-expanding and totally psychedelic.

Also of note is that the cover artwork is by the great Pete Loveday, creator of everyone's favourite stoned hippy, Russell.

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