Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Steppes - Drop Of The Creature

This is The Steppes first full length album released in 1986 on Voxx Records, re-released on Delerium in 1991.  'Drop Of The Creature' is a psych pop/rock album that draws on wide influences - Beatles, Byrds, Syd Barrett, Country Joe, Yardbirds, Who, acid rock, garage punk, celtic folk, baroque...the list goes on.

Again, this is another album that I haven't listened to in well over 20 years and a request has caused me to dig it out and revisit.  It's actually a real nice album, the musicianship is always tight, there's some razor-sharp acid guitar freakouts, some classic psych-punk melodies rubbing shoulders with sad and melancholic folky moments, and the Fallon brothers' harmonies are always welcome.  All in all, it's a psych classic, well worth your time.