Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Steppes - Drop Of The Creature

This is The Steppes first full length album released in 1986 on Voxx Records, re-released on Delerium in 1991.  'Drop Of The Creature' is a psych pop/rock album that draws on wide influences - Beatles, Byrds, Syd Barrett, Country Joe, Yardbirds, Who, acid rock, garage punk, celtic folk, baroque...the list goes on.

Again, this is another album that I haven't listened to in well over 20 years and a request has caused me to dig it out and revisit.  It's actually a real nice album, the musicianship is always tight, there's some razor-sharp acid guitar freakouts, some classic psych-punk melodies rubbing shoulders with sad and melancholic folky moments, and the Fallon brothers' harmonies are always welcome.  All in all, it's a psych classic, well worth your time.



Anonymous said...


A request, if you don't mind, nick riff - freak element

Anonymous said...

oh, forgot, have you Heard this:

any good?

Herod said...

Ahhh, Nick Riff - Freak're out of luck, I'm afraid. Once upon a time, I had Delerium's vinyl release but it's gone, due to a big vinyl clearout a few years ago (actually, it shouldn't have gone at all - I tend not to get rid of anything unless I've ripped it first, but 'Freak Element' somehow escaped into the 'ripped' pile).

So, apologies. I just noticed that someone's selling a CD on Amazon for £290. Yes, that's two-hundred and ninety fucking pounds. Bastard thief.

And no, I haven't heard 'Chemical'. Discogs tells me it's a Gary Ramon (Sundial) production, so it sounds promising. Do you have it?

zigzagwanderer said...

Thanks for this Herod , Nick Riff albums / links ;

Nick Riff - From The Heart Of Oblivion . [256 kbs / 59mb].


Nick Riff - Freak Element . [320 kbs / 320mb] .


Nick Riff - Cloak Of Immortality . [320 kbs / 106 mb] .


Anonymous said...

do you also have steppes - stewdio and John fallon - Atomic cossack?

zigzagwanderer said...

I have Stewdio , I'll post it in a day or two if Herod has no objections ?

How about a name , Anonymous isn't very friendly is it ?

Herod said...

ZigZag - no problem at all, you want me to add you as a blog author?

zigzagwanderer said...

Thank you Herod , that would be greatly appreciated .

zigzagwanderer said...

OK , rather late with this but life sometimes gets in the way .....

Stewdio link :

Anonymous said...

Listen to garage punk from California

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