Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Praise Space Electric - Mushroom Jazz

Hmm...the label says 1997, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it was 1970, filtered through an exotic 1959 bachelor pad haze.  Listen to this album and you'll immediately be transported to the very coolest psychedelic space-jazz lounge in the universe.

Nobody did this type of music better than Praise Space Electric.  Similar to their previous album '2 Leaving Demons', 'Mushroom Jazz' is an album of spacey, funky grooves, but with more jazz and lounge in the mix and a much better production, allowing these bright and breezy workouts to breathe.  There's Funkadelic/70s Miles Davis grooves sitting next to cosmic elevator music played by Vince Guaraldi. Some tracks sound like Les Baxter covering 'Crosstown Traffic'.  Or Jimi Hendrix covering 'Oasis Of Dakhla', if you prefer.  Either way, it's pretty smooth stuff.  Music to clean your clothes and shine your shoes to.  Put on your purple flares, fix yourself a cocktail, dangle a jazz cigarette from the corner of your mouth and let PSE do the rest...

Track listing:

1. Inbetween Times
2. Do You Know How To Play
3. Movement
4. Forward In Every Direction
5. Connection
6. Plazza De Toros
7. Nothing Could Be Simpler
8. Then You Can Do It
9. You're The One

Sorry, download link removed, notification of infringement received.  You see, Amazon sell it.  Probably iTunes too.  Haha, oh the irony of it, the cosmic sounds of PSE, anarchistic psychedelic warriors under the strict protection of the DMCA...the world has gone crazy!!