Thursday, 4 September 2008

Jeff Tarlton - Astral Years

More bewitching beatnik acid folk from ex-Viv Akauldren singer and guitarist Jeff Tarlton. This is his debut solo album, released on Delerium records in 1997 and is the first part of Tarlton's mystical exploration of life, the universe and everything, 'Dragin' Spring' being the second. It's a much sparser affair than 'Dragin' Spring', more folky and introspective. Great stuff.

Track listing:

1. My Baby
2. Up River
3. Super-fine
4. Hey Nicole
5. Singleafall
6. Boxing The Air
7. Always
8. Beaconing
9. Tightrope
10. Show Me
11. Ex-Celeration
12. El Oh L
13. Cavatina
14. Astral Years
15. 'bot a czech tea?
16. Waterfall
17. Oh This Moment
18. Bardo Blues
19. The World
20. I Wonder

Get it here


prine said...

...still impatiently waiting for the download link ...
but thanks a ton in advance!

Herod said...

Ooops! Silly me...

prine said...

Getting it.

Generic Cialis said...

The band it is amazing, their sound is very unique, I loved them since the moment I listen to them.

Kir Ikslor said...

Jeff used to be our sound guy for many shows in Detroit. I think his stuff is great-recommended.