Monday, 17 November 2008

Watch Children - How Does It Feel To Be So White?

If acid-fried garage psych, Nuggets/Pebbles style, is your thing, then you'll love this 1989 cassette-only release from the Watch Children. I'm not sure if it's extremely hard or ridiculously easy to get a genuine sounding production, but whatever, the Watch Children have it nailed, this could easily have been recorded back in the day.

BTW, this release marks a first for this blog - the music is not taken from my own collection. Yes, I hang my head in shame. But as I've been asked a couple of times if I have it, I thought I'd post the copy I grabbed a while ago. Where did I get it from? Some blog or P2P network, I honestly can't remember. So, until the original uploader contacts me with a 'how dare you!' type approach, at which point I will gladly remove the download link and refer the discerning psych-head to the original source, may I present to you 'How Does It Feel To Be So White?' by the Watch Children. Enjoy.
Track Listing:

1. Little Plastic Flowers
2. Go-Go Action Girl
3. Pictures
4. Only Girl
5. Immediate Ratification

6. Intermission Part
7. Coconut Lifesaver
8. Hey Girl
9. In My Dreams
10. She's Mine
11. Kind of Retarded
12. Very Pretty Face
13. Watermelon Soup
14. Too Far Away
15. That Nothing's Happening Feeling
16. Teenage Limabean
17. Outro

Getit here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your good work.
Nice blog.


Anonymous said...

omg, found the Watch Children eventually.

Rainy Day Sponge said...

How dare you using my post without mention your source?!!!
I'm just kidding, of course - I couldn't get mad at you (even if googling the title of this cassette would lead you somewhere) since you've posted Jeff Tarlton's "Astral Years".
Watch Children's How Does It Feel To Be So White? was posted on Lost-in-Tyme in August 2008 ( with a little more info about the band.
I will soon post another Watch Children-type band in L-i-T, even more fried!

Spaceman! said...

wow, i love this, thank you. is there any more Watch Children to come?

Herod said...

Spaceman - I'm not sure whether Watch Children released much more music. There might have been another EP, I'm not sure, but most of their stuff is available on this site (album and two releases on delerium comps).

Herod said...

Rainy Day Sponge - I am humbled by your forgiving nature and will take this opportunity to thank you for providing this excellent and ultra-rare album.

I have a feeling that I googled 'Watch Children how does it feel blogspot' when searching for the source, as I was sure that I'd got the dl from a blogspot site. I was wrong! Completely forgot that you have new patrons. My apologies. I must stop by your esteemed site and steal some more....sorry, I mean dl some more great music (only kidding knew that....right?)

Thanks again.

Bartleby said...

I'm Bartleby of The Tables and Perfect Pop Records (Norwegian indie-label). We released a double 7" with Watch Children stuff in the 90's. Copies may still be available from the Perfect Pop Records website. This would bring you there.

Anonymous said...

This is my new favorite blog. Killer shit. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Does the group "the Laughing Soup Dish" ring a bell? I checked them out on MUTANT SOUNDS and heard the exact same recordings "teenage limabean" and "rainy day sponge".

Did Watch Children change their name or what?


Anonymous said...

OK! "Marc and Elena went on to form the Watch Children". sited from laughing soup dish's myspace website.

Watch Children used the same recordings as the laughing soup dish.

Just in case anybody was wondering.

Congrats on PSY PSAU! I'm a big fan of nick riff!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the excelent collection that you have made available. should you wish then i could make this collection bigger with a few offerings like.
Watch Children_The Kinda Retarded Tapes
Dr Brown_The Land Of Red and Gold
Dr Brown_Live In The Minds Eye
Wobble Jaggle Jiggle_everything they ever released

Misterpid said...

Thanks for this. I've known Marc and Elena for almost 20 years (though I haven't seen them in a while). Marc and I worked together when the Kinda Retarded Tapes came out. Never thought I'd actually hear any of the other Watch Children stuff.

ownzo said...

Watch Children are my favorite band of all that late '80s stuff. I still have my tape and I was pleased to find out about the Perfect Pop Kinda Retarded Tapes EP release (though I was surprised that the sound quality was right on par with the normal bias cassette dub that Marc sent me many years ago). Good to have on vinyl in any case. Like Plasticland, Watch Children had a good sense of humour and could play really well too.