Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Saddar Bazaar - The Conference of the Birds

Another of my very favourite psych albums that has barely left my turntable/ipod since it first blew my mind many years ago, 'The Conference of the Birds' is that rare and beautiful thing - an album that has a truly unique sound. Imagine the psychedelic lovechild of Ravi Shankar and Spacemen 3 brought into the world by Ry Cooder and you're somewhere close to the sound of this album. Essentially trance music, droning sitars and metronomic tabla filtered through a late night narcotic haze, it's a beautiful and magical album, brimming with imaginative use of various exotic instruments. One of Delerium's finest releases.

Track listing:

1. Sukoon
2. Arc of Ascent (Part One)
3. Kiff Riff
4. Garden of Essence
5. Sukoon (Reflection)
6. Shamsa (Sunburst)
7. Baraka
8. Arc of Ascent (Part Two)
9. Freedom Rider
10. Neelum Blue

-Update- Link no longer available.  A copright infringement has been slapped upon my sharing of it, even though I ripped it from my own long deleted and very rare CD.  I guess it's because you can now get this album from itunes and amazon as a download, and my little corner of the internet is...ahem...hurting their business.  Sorry.


gareth said...

That's another great one, I agree (I also love the following one, Path of the Rose, both of them got the heavy rotation treatment when they came out!)

GeoX said...

Honestly, it's hard for me to differentiate between their two albums, but I care not--I love them both.

Anonymous said...

cheers for this mate... far out.x

Anonymous said...

nice one!


Anonymous said...

This is top notch, keep on keeping on

soƱando said...

Hey, man, i want to interview you. Im the editor in chief of a brazilian music mag called noize. Email me at fernando at noize.com.br , please?

Spaceman! said...

love this, fantastic stuff, thank you

zigzagwanderer said...

Bought both albums from 'Freak Emporium'along with many other greats-Suicidal Flowers,Reefus Moons,Treatment&more,check out the 'Pick & Mix'sampler - enjoy!

dedalos said...

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Lude said...

Yep, I second what he just said...


Sounds like one my Dad would have loved - I will check the link when I get home; work filters are blocking the site for the download, unfortunately...

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog while it lasted, though it's still lasting . . . while it was active rather. Great stuff rescued from the void here


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Totally grooovin psych.

Daevid The Alien said...

What happened, dude? Weird (but good) that most of the links are still here 3 years on... did you just give up? get abducted by aliens? or the CIA? Are you still breathing? I hope so... thanks for the music if you ever read this.


Anonymous said...

Miss you, guy.
Just found on Spotify a "record" called The Last Daze of The Underground Delerium Records. A compilation with many bands.

charles manson said...


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seo web said...

Are you still breathing? I hope so... thanks for the music if you ever read this.
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