Saturday, 16 August 2008

Tyrnaround - Colour Your Mind EP

Formed in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia, Tyrnaround were a great band who specialised in 60s psych pop/rock, influenced by Syd Barrett, The Seeds, The Beatles at their most lysergic, garage punk and classic psych. They released a handful of cassettes, EPs and one album before disbanding due to the death of their lead singer.

As I've said elsewhere on this blog, their song 'Paragon Smythe', which was given away with Freakbeat issue 7, is one of the greatest psych tunes ever. And 'Colour Your Mind', their debut release on vinyl, is one of the best EPs of psychedelic pop ever released. There's not an inch of slack here - gorgeous, loopy melodies and harmonies, wonderful Seeds-esque organs and frazzled acid guitars. One of my favourites.

Track listing:

Side A

1. Carroll By Candlelight
2. Francis

Side B

1. Colour Your Mind
2. Suicidal Flowers

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mike-floyd said...

Great choice!
With a cover song like "Suicidal Flowers" you just can't lose...

Charlie M said...

I chanced across your page while Googling Tyrnaround. Absolutely true - Paragon Smythe is an amazing song. I was lucky enough to discover this band by buying that very issue of Freakbeat and the EP is a treasured possession. Scandalous then that the track doesn't appear on the Go Back CD that was supposed to be an all inclusive reissue of their recordings - or that's how it was billed where I bought my copy. I've since discovered there are other tracks that didn't make it to the CD - "Suicidal Flowers" for one. Anyone know of any more of any more recent Tyrnaround comps? They must have had a full live set's worth of great pop-sike like P.Smythe and Colour Your Mind AND their website has a live version of P.Smythe......which implies there could be other non-studio recorded gems to be had on the live tape. I'm trying to contact Pete Fidler around these exact issues so I will let you know if I find out. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

thanks for this

I bought the 12" ep when it came out but am glad to have a digital copy

great band, sadly missed


Elk said...

The Beatles, with the right sound, meets Pink Floyd

steve said...

Thanks so much for the post! I got a Trynaround single on red vinyl back in 83 or 84 when I was 14yrs old I think it was called "She's a dreamer". Would love to get a copy of this song if anyone has it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

any chance repost, please RSlink dead

Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-uploading this? Thanks!

Herod said...

Tyrnaround link reupped as requested.