Friday, 4 July 2008

Freakbeat Issue 7 - Free 7" single

Rare 4 track EP given away by those kind folk at Freakbeat magazine. This one was always my favourite - Viv Akauldren at their most inscrutable, Tyrnaround with what could be every classic psychedelic 7" distilled into one twirling, swirling gem of a song, The Watch Children turning the fuzz dial up to maximum, and Treatment gracing us with the perfect mixture of smooth lounge pop and spaced-out, dreamy reverberations.

Track Listing:

This Side

1. Viv Akauldren - Threading The Needle
2. Tyrnaround - Paragon Smythe

That Side

1. Watch Children - Salvador Dali's Still Dying
2. Treatment - Restless

Get it here


Anonymous said...

I remember buying Freakbeat back in the 80's as an obsessive teenage psych-nerd. This issues free music blew me away, two wonderfully frazzled tunes~Paragon Smythe and Salvador Dali's Still Dying. I don't remember the other two but I'm glad to see it here---thanks so much for the share. I kick myself to this day for not buying The Watch Childrens cassette while it was available.

Herod said...

Anonymous - good to hear there's more Freakbeat heads still kicking about. It was my multicoloured bible back in the late 80s/early 90s and turned me onto loads of great music. And like you, I quickly became obsessed with issue 7's freebie. Great stuff.

BTW I have a copy (alas, not the real artifact - if only!) of The Watch Children's cassette release. If you'd like me to upload it, let me know. I also have some more of the Freakbeat free 7"s somewhere which I'll up as soon as I...err...get real life out of the way for a while.

Thanks for the comments, always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

herod-thanks for the reply and anytime you get the chance to upload The Watch Children would make me the happiest guy on the planet. I've heard only three tunes of theirs- Salvador, Did You Feel The Fish from Psychedelic Sauna and Kinda Retarded which I uploaded from a cassette comp--great stuff all! Thanks again in advance.

Heathen said...

'King awesome! I loved this ep - paragon smythe is a lovely trippy ditty but Salvador Dali has been one of my absolute favourite tracks since I first heard it. I've not digitised my own copy so thanks for going to the trouble to do so. This is a really useful blog - Freakbeat/Delerium put some amazing sounds out and carrried some great reviews and interviews (once you could your dilated eyes to focus on the things :-)

Anonymous said...

I also wished the watch children dd something more, I thought I had discovered demo tapes of a great band tarting out. What happened ?

Anonymous said...

would like to say thank you, but link is dead, any chance possibe renew link, please,

Zelmar said...

Hi, could you upload this record, the link is broken.
thank you!!

Herod said...

Zelmar - done, should be okay now.

Zelmar said...

great, thanx!