Sunday, 6 July 2008

Freakbeat Issue 8 - Free 7" single

More free goodies from Freakbeat magazine. The Submarine Prophets give us a nice slice of off-kilter drone rock, like Spacemen 3 covering early Sonic Youth. Nick Riff wades in with a mesmerising mix of fuzzed-up electronica and searing acid guitar, and Nova Express finish off with an always welcome hit of blistering garage punk. Volume on max, or don't bother!

Track listing:

This Side

1. Submarine Prophets - Green Cathedral
2. Nick Riff - The Limitless Light

That Side

1. Nova Express - Let The Power Reach Your Ears

Get it here.


Anonymous said...

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louissyfer said...

hello any more Nick Riff posts?

Nick Riff said...

Hi everyone,glad my old music is still of interest. I am no longer involved with Delerium in any way. All of my new music can be accessed at or myspace/nickriff. I am finishing a brand new solo CD that should be available spring 09. Thanks for listening. Stay tuned...

dirty-punk said...

its soooo nice to see this magazine this was the first magazine cover that i ever designed and got a payment for paid for fuel for the bus!!!

kane Tetco/Braindead crew

Anonymous said...

Great post(s), great label! Could you please re-up "Issue 8"? Many thanks in advance!