Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Inn - Psychedelic Schedule

Not a lot of info on this American four-piece. The late 80s/early 90s was their time, they hailed from North Carolina and made 3 or 4 albums of melodic psychedelic pop, west coast style.

I first encountered them via the 1992 Delerium compilation 'Fun With Mushrooms', on which they contributed a track called 'Who's My Name' (great title!). 'Psychedelic Schedule' was their debut album, released in 1987 on Voxx Records. By far the most psychedelic thing about it is the sleeve, an absolute riot of colours and lysergic imagery. The music contained within (excluding 'Roy G Biv'...more on this later) doesn't quite reflect the cover, but it is a good collection of psych-pop songs, fairly lo-fi and relentlessly catchy.

So, 'Roy G Biv'. Within the context of the album, it's like they suddenly forgot that they were making an LP of 4 minute psych-pop gems and included a 25 minute long track that starts like a garage-punk spy theme, then drifts off into 15 minutes of extremely spaced-out drum and guitar, laden with echoes and muffled, abstract noises, before finishing off with more fuzzed-up spy theme madness. Hmm....this must have been when the acid hit...

Track listing:

Side 1

1. Roy G Biv

Side 2

1. Marlwood Lake
2. Infinity's Beginning
3. What's It Like?
4. Mind Confection
5. Soon

Get it here

By the way, apologies for the couple of jumps towards the end of 'Roy G Biv'. Damned mice have been scurrying around in my record collection again.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

would you believe Mitch Cooper is right here & needs a lil help from His friends"...let Him know He IS great & CAN come back;soooo much talent.He appreciates the memories!Needs some positve vibes-one of His tuest friends' whos' heart bleeds for Him!PEACE & THANK YOU!

edlorado said...

thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Can you Please re-upload this excellent album once again, true art within such good albums is always hard to find.. otherwise rapidshare is murdering dozens of great shares everyday under the name of DMCA,.. ok i'll stop , this is a long 'Stereo story with 2 channels' ...x) Thank you anyway man, and have a nice day,

Herod said...

I love this album. Re-uploaded. This one might be safe from the DMCA's icy clutches.

Sorry it's not a great quality MP3 but I've no longer got the vinyl to rip a better one.

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you very much for the quick respond & the positive answer. Downloaded & i'm trying it right now in a state of euphoria.. "Roy G Biv" is a true wild masterpiece with elements from different musical backgrounds, "you've gotta try it" . i'd just like to mention that while some bands generally preserve the "juicy" Track for the middle or the album's end ; this dudes 'brought it on' from the start with no 'introduction' like there is no time to spare... i really liked that powerful 'fuzzy' start,.. "Marlwood Lake" is just too trippy, the kind of "deja-vu" songs you feel like you've heard many times in the past, when you actually never had.. (if you know what i'm trying to say..) . I'm actually at the 3rd Track & it sounds fit for the Euphoric chill-out state. I'm sorry i'm talky here, it's especially for those passing by & still hesitating about this, (& regarding the 'criminally underrated' ART we have here)..// Audio quality is fine enough to enjoy this, of course i'll gladly welcome a lossless /24bit copy.. but i remember what it was like having 128kbps files back then when most of people preferred low 32 & 64 kbps files without even knowing it, just to save as much songs as they can in their old mp3 reader devices,.. so i'm already grateful for what i've got Thanks to you.// besides there are some similarities but some other artists i've never heard of, i'm sure they're interesting as well, i'm gonna give you a break here, but i'll come back some other time to make another request if possible as the greedy being that i'am x) (of course i will not ask where you stated that you deleted the file due to dmca compl%%£%*) // Otherwise , I've got some releases (LP, EP, web copies, vbr) of "Magic Mushroom Band" (7 albums), "Medusa Cyclone" (3), "Viv Akauldren" (3 or 4), "Ship Of Fools" (3), Omnia Opera (3 or 4) , Dead Flowers (3), Laughing Soup Dish (1 +EP), well & a lot more.. (just tried to mention based on similarities) If you need to try one or many, h..hmm.. "Of Course for reviewing matters!" i'll be glad to share it with you & return some of the favor. // Anyway, Thank you very much once again. Here's something i hope you like: " In The Summer Of The Mushroom Honey '98", you can listen/ Dl from here:

Have a nice day,