Monday, 7 July 2008

Freakbeat Issue 4 - Free flexidisc

2 track 7" that came free with issue 4 of Freakbeat, released in 1988. This time, it's the turn of The Bevis Frond Museum and The Steppes.

The discerning head music afficionado will already be familiar with, if not the music, then the name of The Bevis Frond AKA Nick Saloman, stalwart of the psych music scene, publisher of his own underground music magazine 'Ptolemaic Terrascope' and
owner of his own record label 'Woronzow'. Quite the psychedelic entrepreneur! Anyway, what we have here is classic Frond - fuzzy 60s influenced psych pop, laden with memorable acid guitar hooks and led by Saloman's somewhat brave, distinctive and very English vocals.

The Steppes give us a song that starts out as a 60s pop classic but soon reveals itself as a meandering tripped-out mind excursion. Just the thing for an evening in with Mr P!

Track listing:

This Side

The Steppes - History Hates No Man

Other Side

The Bevis Frond Museum - African Violets

Get it here.


seboh said...

Cool, the freakbeat singles! I used to own some of these, long since lost them. Got any more? Thanks for sharing them.

Herod said...

I've got the Freakbeat 5 flexidisc sitting in front of me, waiting for mp3 conversion. I do have them all somewhere, but tracking the other 4 down is proving difficult. As soon as I find them, I'll post them.

Anonymous said...

m-f said...

for sale! email me. freakbeat singles and mags.