Thursday, 24 July 2008

Moom - Toot

Moom were a fantastic prog/jazz/psych band that released two fine albums on Delerium Records in the mid to late nineties.

Actually, Moom hail from my hometown of Northampton, England, so for anyone who's reading this from Northampton (and I know there's a few of you!), let's talk hometown for a moment. 'Toot' was recorded and mixed at 'The Egg Room', the Northampton based recording studio belonging to Robert John Godfrey of 'The Enid' fame. RJG, along with Mike Pool and Max Read, also produced and mixed the album. I mentioned that a few of you reading this are from Northampton. An even smaller number of you will be aware that a band in which I played guitar also recorded a demo at The Egg Room sometime in the mid nineties, where we witnessed the surreal sight of Robert John Godfrey dancing suggestively in front of our rather fey bassist as he was attempting to get his bassline right for the umpteenth time. Was RJG attempting to seduce him? Or was RJG merely responding to our bassist's advances? Hmm...we'll never know for sure, but I know what I think. What's this got to do with Moom and the matter at hand? Absolutely nothing - can't a blogger reminisce for a moment?

Anyway, let's get back to 'Toot'.
It's hard to pin down any sort of influences, but it sounds like Moom have spent many a lazy afternoon listening to and jamming along with a shedful of prog, psych and jazz, then reinterpreted it all in a style of their own. Sometimes, they resemble west-coast psychedelia, especially The Grateful Dead and Spirit. Other times, the Canterbury scene comes to mind, stuff like The Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers and Caravan. Throw in some Zappa, add a dash of Funkadelic and you're somewhere close to the sound of 'Toot'. The musicianship is extremely accomplished, the compositions are often very complex, and the production is as clear as a shimmering summer afternoon...which kind of describes the music too, albeit a very English and willfully surreal one. It's a great album and one of Delerium's finest releases.

Track listing:

1. Prelude
2. Sally
3. Astronought
4. The Void is Clear
5. Babbashagga
6. The Higher Sun
7. The Crocodillian Suite
i) The Egg
ii) The Crocodillian
iii) Mayam Riff
8. Waiting For The Sphere
9. Eye
10. I Can't Remember The '60s......I Must Have Been There

Listen to it here, then go and buy it here


robert rubbish said...

i just found your blog its great
do you know anything of a band called the green egg
where around in the 90s
i saw them at a festival but cant find any of there music
keep up the good work
robert rubbish

Herod said...

Glad you found your way here and found something to massage your tympanic membranes, Mr Rubbish.

You know, 'The Green Egg' seems to ring a bell somewhere at the back of my mind, but I've certainly got nothing by them and can't recall anything by them either. If you get anymore info or do find any releases, let me know...

Shatner's Bassoon said...

Nice blog. And as for the Godfrey/Bassist story - I suspect that Robert John was merely responding to his advances. He was often the victim of unwanted attention from men half his age.

Herod said...

Shatner - I think you're probably right. Godfrey is a respectable and quite reserved fellow, whereas our bassist could never keep his hands to himself. Especially when his prey was balding and somewhat portly men twice his age.

Kitty Knuzzles said...

I, too, was at that Eggy session and I have to correct you. RJG was actually making eyes at your's truly. Unbeknown to the rest of the band, Robert and I dated for a few months after that session. And, yes boys, all rumours concerning his manhood are indeed highly true.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Nice blog you have. I'm really into the psych stuff, it's great.
I just listened to this album, sounds very good. It sounds a bit like Kevin Ayers.

Greetz from the Netherlands said...

Great psych sound. Did they do any more lp's in the same mold?

Thanks so much for this gem.

FijneWIET said...

Green Egg - Silver Moons Of Togo. Cass.

On the edge festival band who produce a rough Hawkwind space rock sound.

(source: )

FijneWIET said...



Anonymous said...

Moom were good friends of mine when I lived in Northamptom. They did another album on Delerium called 'Bone Idol'. It is sad that they are unable to make any more music due to Kristian's ill health. I used to go to their live gigs they once supported 'Porcupine Tree' and as big Dead Head and Jazz fans they used to really jam it out, especially before Andy who played Hammond left the band. It is very sad and I hope that existing members of this band are still making music. It meant a lot to me living in Northampton to have these guys as my friends.

montysmusic said...

hi fellow midlander..shame the only decent indie music shop closed in your home town..i think the Roadmender has gone as well
sad state of affairs
great site

GregM said...

Hi, Greg from MooM here! Keep up the good work. Out of interest, you may like to know that I still play with the Grateful Dead tribute the Cosmic Charlies, with whom I've been jamming with since 1994 (around the time 'TooT' was recorded. There has been some loose talk about a MooM reunion now that Kris is well again. Stranger things have happened...
Peace =(8¬o)

Anonymous said...

One of the finest discoverings I made, along with Dead Flowers and Nova Express. Thanks for uploading this long (and unfairly) hidden gems.

PS: Do you have 'Bone Idol', first Moom album?

Greetings from Buenos Aires.


Anonymous said...

i just read this..gotta find the cd buried somehere in my den.

dougm said...

i loved this album.

Sammara Woolrich said...

So sad i cant even listen to the full album on youtube! The only song available is the gem "I Can't Remember The '60s...I Must Have Been There".. Any chance you can put up a link again?

Have a nice day :)

Herod said...

@ Sammara Woolrich

A fine album. Link updated. Enjoy!

Sammara Woolrich said...

Just saw this! Thank you so much!!! Much luv for posting :)