Monday, 28 July 2008

Dead Flowers - Moontan

A swirling, trancey fusion of Hawkwind, Hendrix, Loop and Ash Ra Tempel comes somewhere close to describing the psychedelic sounds on 'Moontan', the second Dead Flowers album realeased in 1993 on Mystic Stones records. All tracks have a hypnotic quality to them, ranging from the monster spliff-riffs and snarling vocals of 'Chocolate Staircase' and 'Feed It' to the beautifully spaced-out guitar, flute and percussion of 'Gaia's Love Hole'. This is far-out psych at its finest.

Track listing:

Side A

1. Chocolate Staircase
2. Spiral Eye
3. Filling in Time
4. Thought World

Side B

1. Gaia's Love Hole
2. Hammer Rash
3. Slowburn
4. Feed It
5. Hidden Track

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zillagord said...

Wow! Another instant request!

Thanks for this-- if it's anything like a continuation of "Chocolate Staircase" it'll be awesome.

Hope you are well. I will return with a brief review when I have a chance. Pretty darned busy w/school this week, but I would be remiss if I did not leave a comment here. More to come...

Peace man,

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for posting some great freaky tunes. I appreciate this type of music because its not easy to get and am hoping you can share much more.

ascoldasice said...

Nice album. Gaia's Love Hole reminded me a lot of parts of Screamedelica, and the whole album was diverse.

cavity said...

Thank you so much for yr effort on this blog. You've posted records i was looking for since i was 17! Like the Dead Flowers. Do you have the rest of their discography? Looking forward the great stuff yr gonna post!

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Anonymous said...

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