Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Reefus Moons - The Word Raven

Next up is Reefus Moons AKA Ross Saxty, one man band, English eccentric and seasoned purveyor of pop music for the mind. Musically and lyrically, Reefus is in the tradition of The Soft Boys/Robin Hitchcock and Syd Barrett. 'The Word Raven', a limited edition LP released in 1991 on Insect Eye Records, contains 10 tracks of finely crafted guitar-driven psych-pop that are a vehicle for Reefus' unique and surreal worldview. Flocks of tractors, life through the eyes of a raven, what if Jesus had been a reptile, tales of gnomes and insects; it's all here.

I've mentioned Robin Hitchcock once, and I'd better mention him again - the influence really is very strong. Reefus' voice is a dead ringer for The Soft Boys frontman, and most songs sound for all the world like lost tracks from 'I Often Dream Of Trains' or 'Black Snake Diamond Role'. And that's no bad thing if you ask me. If whimsical and very English psych-pop is your thing, then you'll certainly find something to like here.

Track Listing:

Side 1

1. Insect Rider
2. Spend Some Time
3. Raven Crauscelene
4. Salamander Raincoat
5. Cormorant In Shades

Side 2

1. Psycho-Gnome
2. Hive
3. Thinking Of You
4. Gardening The Mind
5. The Dinosaur Of Truth

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michaelDUSTdevil said...

hey!... not for nothing, but this is bleedin' brilliant!!!... how'd you find this shit!!!!!... Mxxx

Anonymous said...
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Carlos Pimentel Chehaibar said...

The link is broken

Anonymous said...

I read that albums is quite Solid, many positive reviews.. Any chance re-Uploading?! Thank you very much anyway, & Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Reupload please... No reissues available and quite a rare stuff. Thanks.

Herod said...

Reupped. Not brilliant quality (192) but it's my original vinyl rip from about 8 years ago and I no longer have the vinyl. Anyway, enjoy.