Friday, 4 July 2008

Psychedelic Psauna

Released in 1991, 'A Psychedelic Psauna' was one of the first releases from Delerium Records, and was a superb 2 LP compilation featuring 23 tracks of the best psychedelic music around at that time. For me, it became the soundtrack to a few wonderful summers spent drifting through a lysergic haze. Lophophora Williamsii was the host, and here's what he had to say on the back cover...


Lophophora Williamsii's the name and mynd-blowing's the aim! To those who've never met me before, a BIG HIGH! and to those who know me from the pages of FREAKBEAT magazine, welcome once more to yet another introduction and to this Psychedelic Psauna which is guaranteed to steam your brain, improve your neuro-circulation and cleanse your nervous system.

Putting the psychedelics back into psychedelia, that's what a growing number of musicians are doing today and, even tho' the two dimensional, cardboard, back slapping, brain numbingly pretentious music press and (sic) music industry don't like to admit it, such musicians are popular. I hope that there's something of interest within the swirling interior of this creation, for each and everyone.

It's taken a long time to connect all of the plumbing, but finally, those FREAKBEAT people have done it and now the steam powered echo-chamber awaits your fragile, eggshell mind. There are many ways to enjoy this musical experience but all of them lead to nirvana. This is an audio-reality interface which allows you to access other realms of reality without actually going there! Add chopped onion and garlic to taste. If you get stuck, take the blue pill. This is your captain
speaking.........we don't need the groovy driver. There is the known and the unknown and in-between is the Psychedelic Psauna. Go ride the music baby (I'm riding)...

Track Listing:

Side 1

1. A word from our sponsor
2. Sundial - Mind Train Jam
3. Magic Mushroom Band - Don't Be Afraid
4. Nick Riff - Lost & Wild
5. The Petals - Poisoned Air
6. The Porcupine Tree - Linton Samuel Dawson

Side 2

1. Poisoned Electrick Head - Snobs
2. The Bevis Frond - Cold Rain & Snow
3. Alice's Orb - Don't Know If I Should
4. John Fallon - Summers End In San Francisco
5. The Gothics - The Quest
6. Tyrnaround - Hello Or Goodbye

Side 3

1. The Coloured Plank - Black Ferris Wheel
2. Cosmic Kangaroos - Ritual People
3. Reefus Moons - Mr. & Mrs Creature
4. Marshmallow Overcoat - 13 Ghosts
5. Mandragora - Conspiracy
6. Dr Brown - Freakbeat

Side 4

1. Ozric Tentacles - Erp Riff '83
2. The Jasmine Lovebomb - That River
3. Dimentia 13 - Do The Jerk Off
4. The Trodds - The Stalk
5. Treatment - Nightmare

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Anonymous said...

Interesting start! Always wanted to hear that.
Love the MARHMELLOW OVERCOAT that nobody seems to know....

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks a lot, i have discovered a lot of interresting tunes on this compil. really great as some of those where completely unknow for me .
Thanks again.
Noel from Belgium

Mush said...

Hello. I was wondering if you know anymore about The Trodds? 'The Stalk' is an amazing piece of music. Did they make an album, tapes, any other comp appearances? Goggle doesn't seem to throw anything up except Psychedelic Psauna. Thanks!

Herod said...

Mush - I totally agree about The Trodds' track, in fact it was always my favourite track on the album, very moody, very creepy.

The Trodds were around between 1980 and 1983. They released no LPs but the did get a couple of 7"s out on Stanton Park Records. You can get more info here.

Thanks for leaving a comment, glad you found something you like.

Mush said...

Thanks for info. I like plenty here, as I got some of the Delirium records as they came out, and a few copies of Freakbeat, Pete Loveday comics etc. Plenty here new tho- eg Medussa Cyclone (downloading at mo). Curious about Jeff Tarlton, being a Berlin resident myself on and off for the last ten years or so.
Same for me- Trodds was fave on PP, I could also imagine it fitting perfectly -or perhaps better, even!- on a comp like Beyond the Calico Wall (a personal fave).
Anyway, thanks for shares, and keep up the good work!

Herod said...

Mush - Yeah, 'Beyond The Calico Wall' is a classic comp, and the cover artwork has got to be among the best ever, if you're into acid visions, that it.

I never thought about it before, but I know what you mean when you say that 'The Stalk' would have fit neatly onto BTCW. It perfectly captures that kinda '60s late-night acid-trip descending into a world of weird' feeling (where the hell did that description come from? Oh well, I stand by it!) that an album like BTCW specialises in.

Jeff Tarlton's second album 'Astral Spring' is definitely more accessible than his debut, so maybe that's a good place to start. Both are great though. As are Medusa Cyclone - the album I recently put up, 'Mr Devil', I love with a passion. It's no wonder that Viv Akauldren were such a great band with all that talent. Anyway, hope you enjoy it all.

BTW, what old Freakbeat 7"s have you got? I intended on putting them all up here but I'll be damned if I can find the ones from issues 1 and 2. Probably freaking out in a box in the attic or something....

Mush said...

Two of the ones you posted- from issues 7 and 8. None of the others I'm afraid. Hope someone shows up here with them!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for posting this great record! Is there any chance that You post the Dr Brown LPs?


kev said...

hi, its Kev (ex) singer from Dr Brown here. Here is the Dr Brown LP "In The World Of Dreams"
Please forward!

Herod said...

Hey Kev...many, many thanks for sharing your music, I always loved the groovy, dreamy acid rock of 'Freakbeat' from the PP comp but never managed to track this album down. I'll up it as a new post sometime very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi love this site, i did the artwork on the insert of Psychedelic psauna and the labels and the insert for Nick Riffs Freak Element also some backgrounds in Freakbeat, those were the days!!!

Nick Riff said...

Greetings fellow Beings. It was really great being part of the Psychedelic Psauna and recording for Delerium Records. I am still recording and playing live shows. If you would like to stay current with my new music in the NOW, you can get new music from my official website and label Riffdisc.

Dave Laing said...

hey, great site, and thanks for turning me on to Tyrnarounds PAragon Smythe. A favour - I'm working on a series of collections of Aussie garage rock (series is called Do The Pop!) and I'm talking to Peter from tyrnaround about inlcusing this track, but no one has a usable master. Could you possibly email me on so I can talk ot you about getting a WAV file or somesuch of the track?
Dave Laing

zigzagwanderer said...

More great '90's psyche,thanks.

Kay Magra said...

I see this is for sale now on Ebid - I searched on Google Shopping out of curiosity only.

It's on a buy now of £50.00? Is it worth it?

Herod said...

Kay Magra - First thing is that the version on Ebid is the CD release, not the vinyl one, so it's missing about 4 or 5 tracks. Having said that, it's a pretty rare item these days, so I guess it depends how badly you want it and how much money you can throw at it. Personally, I wouldn't use the 'buy it now' option at £50, I'd wait until close to the end of the auction and then bid for it, as I don't believe the bidding will reach £50.

BTW, there is a vinyl copy on Ebay at the moment, starting bid of £10.

Anonymous said...

perfectly hidden gem of a site.i curse my luck for finding this site so late. cure you lord! i curse thee! why me!
bevis frond, ozric tentacles, mmmm

Sai Krishna said...

psychedelic Backgrounds good collections...