Saturday, 18 April 2009

Magic Mushroom Band - The Politics of Ecstasy

Back in the 80/90s, Magic Mushroom Band were a big favourite with festival-going psychedelic warriors with anarchistic political leanings - a niche market, I'll freely admit, but a pretty hardcore one!  I managed to catch them live a couple of times and they were always great fun, a psychedelic blizzard of swirling, energetic music and mind-bending lightshows.

This is the debut album released in 1986 and is a definite favourite of mine. Influenced by the usual suspects favoured by festival bands in the 80s - Hawkwind, Gong, Here and Now etc - it's a wonderful mix of space rock, space dub, space pop, space everything. Production quality varies, as it is, I believe, a collection of hastily recorded live takes, but this matters not - it totally captures the feel of psychedelic underground culture in 80s England. A great album and a great band.

Track Listing:

1. Better Up Than Down
2. Revolution
3. Living in a Dream
4. Magic Eye
5. How Does it Feel?
6. Turban Paranoia
7. Hard Stuff
8. Wide Eyed Electric

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gareth said...

Er... Herod... I'm afraid this links to the Dr. Brown again!

Herod said...

Oops, how silly of me. Thanks for letting me know, it's fixed now.

gareth said...

thanks to you, I'm getting ready to go trippin'...

Chris said...

Excellent....great to see you back !

Pep Sonic said...

Thankx for this now rare record. Really fantastic. A great.

Anonymous said...

Great you;re back!
Interesting band.


devotionalhooligan said...

great post & lush to hear this again... i used to have this on tape but on some tracks you could hear what turned out to be a washing machine... is this a remastered version?
i've posted a few things you might dig from back then... don't suppose you've got any of the ullulators/oroonies tapes?
looking fwd to what comes next.
stay free.x

Anonymous said...

Thanks, if you got any more MMB, post it, great memories, have you seen the new Stonehenge dvd, with Here & Now, it's a beauty, respect

cavity said...

gggggoooooood this rules!!!!

zigzagwanderer said...

Great to hear this again.

dedalos said...

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Anonymous said...

Ahh man this is just brilliant. Saw these guys several times in the lateish 80's - great every time. Anyone got a MP3 rip of Bomshankar - i'd really love that.

Queenwaves said...

Awesome, thanks.